Month: July 2018


Bitcoin’s Price Surmounting Over $8000

The crypto major Bitcoin leads all cryptocurrencies even though surmounting on price!! The crypto major Bitcoin (BTC) is surmounting its price moments that can best be explained from the below graph that shows the price moment of Bitcoin since the 1st of July where it stands $6347.86 and today it stands …

Bitwise: now more than an index fund?

Every day, new changes are taking place in the market with regards to crypto currency. Virtual currency ensures that not a day goes by when something remarkable has not taken place in its industry. This also has to do with the phenomenon of further investment in the market. Every day, …
Press Release

Virtual currency: India does a classic U-turn.

11th July-After facing gauntlet from the Indian government and RBI for a long time now, turns out things might not be so bad for virtual currency in the Indian nation. Lately, it has been found that India may not exert a complete ban on the crypto currency; ways have been …