Author: Dorothy Willson

Dorothy Willson is a full time contributor to CryptoWhile. He holds major in journalism and social communication. He is closely engaged in curating and writing about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He firmly believes that blockchain will transform our future financial market.

Altcoin News

Ethereum (ETH) Reflects 13.30% Fall in a Day

Ethereum price falls due to heavy market pressure The tremendous drop resets the 30-days low counter at $198 ETH coin was breaking records since the opening of 2020. The currency was spotted breaching the 90-days high and setting a new one $287 on February 15. The upsurge was so tremendous …
Blockchain News

Can Blockchain Technology Make the Banks Disruptive?

This is a highly debatable question and has arguments both for and against the statement. According to the professor, David Yermack, of the NYU Stern School of Business, “it’s only a matter of time before Central Banks withdraw banknotes from circulation and put the national currency into an electronic blockchain …
Blockchain News

Cannabis Industry to Reap Massive Benefits from Blockchain

Leading blockchain-based platform æternity, recently announced the launch of a supply chain management platform using blockchain for cannabis trade. The company is scheduled to take up the initiative in collaboration with South America’s renowned cannabis production company Uruguay Can. æternity’s latest move will allow registration and monitoring of cannabis right …
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Binance Introduces BUSD/USDT Trading Pairs

Binance, the cryptocurrency leader has recently announced the addition of new trading pairs in its portfolio along with BEAM. The official website of Binance has been updated to the following: “Binance will list Beam (BEAM) and open trading for BEAM/BNB, BEAM/BTC and BEAM/USDT trading pairs at 2019/09/20 12:00 PM (UTC). …