Author: Edward Morris

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Atlas Quantum CEO – Rodrigo Marques and his view

Atlas Quantum is today Latin America’s largest cryptocurrency investment platform. It’s Latin America’s largest cryptocurrency company. The founder and CEO of Atlas Quantum, Rodrigo Marques is on a mission to make it a top five global one by 2020. He was recently in an interview with one of the new firm. …
Cryptocurrency News

Key Movements in Fintech in 2018

The monetary technological segment, i.e. Fintech segment is recognized for its rapid paced and vibrant characteristics. The segment was nearly in emptiness till the latter part of 2016 when the Indian economy was taken by storm post the demonetization period. Ever since it has turned out to be one of …
Cryptocurrency News

Tether Pricing Issues

As per the latest news, Bitfinex has reached its neutrality rate leading to a break of a crucial bond with Tether which was the most effective way to redeem USDT for USD. However, whoever wants to apply the Bitfinex method has to go with the normal rate which is very …