Author: Barbara Jeter

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Ethereum Classic Hacker Steals 54,200 ETC from Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange revealed that it had lost around $220,000 value of Ethereum Classic coins-approximately 40,000 ETC-throughout the continuing exploitation of the scheme’s blockchain system. The exchange revealed Tuesday that the Ethereum Classic blockchain underwent 51% attack-wherein a sole unit takes charge of beyond than half the system’s hash control …
Bitcoin News

Dow Suffers the worst week in a decade, Bitcoin Recovers

Recent equity market analysis highlights the sorry state of affairs for regular equity traders. It portrays the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting bottom ever since the disastrous global finance of 2008. Statistics show that the Dow slipped 1655 points which is nearly about 7% in its most unpleasant weekly downfall …
Cryptocurrency News

Study Reveals Crypto Theft of $1 Billion in 2018

As per cryptocurrency intellect agency CipherTrace’s Quarter 3 Cryptocurrency Anti-Cash Laundering statement, until the quarter-three of 2018, cryptocurrency robberies attained the $927 million mark. The blockchain cybersecurity experts acknowledged thievery and hacks at platforms and exchanges as the main problem, developing even more from its Quarter 2 results. As per …