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London based remittance provider has launched its own trading service.

29th July, 2018- In a first, a trading platform will now be expected from a prominent company engaged with remittance operations in the market. This remittance service is called TransferGo and is based in London. According to the sources, the different kinds of cryptocurrencies which will be offered by this platform are XRP, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. It was also stated by the founder of this platform that there is an increased demand for the cryptocurrency operations from a number of their existing consumers and there is a chance that this number might increase because of the provision of this new feature.

This new platform allows seven languages on its platform and sees to it that there is enhanced consumer convenience. Just like several other platforms in the market, this also provides its services on the platforms of android and IOS and follows the policies of Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering laws. It is also necessary to remember that the services of remittance carried out by this firm are very different from the services of cryptocurrency which is going to be provided by them. Here it becomes important to realize that no transfer of cryptocurrency will take place, this platform will act like any other platform in the market. It has been expressed by the owner that he believes that virtual currency will most definitely thrive in the market.

The owner has also said that there is an enhanced demand for remittances across Europe, and after the Brexit, he said that his company will focus completely on Europe, even as several other factors will start to affect the business of remittances with the Brexit in place. He says that Blockchain technology will play a very important role in the exchange of information that will take place in the economic sector.

It is being believed by the experts that Bitcoin is being increasingly used for the purpose of remittances; another instance of a similar operation was by Siam Commercial Bank, which has added the currency of Sterling and Euros on its platform.

It can be believed that virtual currency is gradually entering the mainstream market with these changes that are taking place. With the preference of consumers to use virtual currency for the purpose of remmitances, these exchanges will have increased number of consumers from across the world.

Dorothy Willson
Dorothy Willson is a full time contributor to CryptoWhile. He holds major in journalism and social communication. He is closely engaged in curating and writing about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He firmly believes that blockchain will transform our future financial market.

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