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Cryptocurrency Exchange

Ibinex Integrates KYC/AML and Complete CRM with Compliant Banking Solutions

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution Provider, Ibinex, has been offering some progressive solutions to enhance the cryptocurrency experience. One such facet is the integration of Know Your Customer (KYC)/AML and complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Cryptocurrency exchanges are today congested due to a tremendous influx of traders caused by lack …
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Ethereum Classic Hacker Steals 54,200 ETC from Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange revealed that it had lost around $220,000 value of Ethereum Classic coins-approximately 40,000 ETC-throughout the continuing exploitation of the scheme’s blockchain system. The exchange revealed Tuesday that the Ethereum Classic blockchain underwent 51% attack-wherein a sole unit takes charge of beyond than half the system’s hash control …
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Crypto Exchange Koinex to Venture into Blockchain

Mumbai based – Koinex, the leading crypto exchange is planning to foray into blockchain solutions. In its attempt to achieve this, Koinex has diversified its product line. It has also inaugurated a new development center in Bengaluru to serve blockchain solutions to the banks and financial institutions mulling its plan …