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Samourai Wallet Modifies: Fiat Value Won’t Appear

The Samourai Wallet’s recent version shows many changes. One of them is the fact that it has stopped showing Fiat Value of Bitcoin Balances.

Though there are some other modifications, for instance by now, it will be available in 12 different languages. Although the major change is that, instead of showing stored bitcoin amounts in a U.S. dollar equivalent, it will show only in either bitcoin or satoshis.

According to the reports, the company made this transformation to encourage users to transact with bitcoins. It states, “we believe it is fundamental that our existing and future users understand that when they transact within the Bitcoin network when they participate in the Bitcoin economy, they are transacting with the token native to the Bitcoin network, BTC, and nothing else.”

In the blog post, it elaborates by adding further, “We are now nearing the end of 2018 and realize that users will never be ready. Thinking in fiat currency terms is familiar, you likely interact with it all the time. This is precisely the reason that within the context of a Bitcoin wallet it is a crutch. We have made the decision that as of version 0.98.87 to remove that crutch.”

Apparently, the users may find these modifications difficult. But, the post says, the company still believes that it is much required.

Additionally, the post indicated, “we have decided to keep fiat currency conversion within the Sentinel Watch Only app, as independent merchants who frequently use the app and other use cases require the use of a currency conversion function.”

Let’s see how the change can impact the overall experience of users.

Barbara Jeter
Barbara Jeter is a full-time reporter at CryptoWhile. She is a graduate with economics and social communication. She has written number of articles on financial markets before getting into crypto world. Her work has been published in some local publications. From past two years, she is writing on cryptos and blockchain technology.

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