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Norwegian Police Solve Bitcoin Investor Murder Case, Suspect Arrested

A case, in which a cryptocurrency investor in Norway was killed brutally seems to unveil its details, especially regarding the suspect.

The suspect, Makaveli Lindén was found after a successful international chase. He had stabbed a 24-year-old Norwegian bitcoin investor named Heikki Bjørklund Paltto.

The Oslo police have affirmed that more than a week after the horrible incident Lindén, 20, has been arrested. He allegedly stabbed Paltto to death in the latter’s apartment, situated in Oslo’s Majorstuen neighborhood.

Lindén is a foreign national residing in Uppsala, Sweden. He had reportedly fled to Norway after committing the heinous crime. Eventually, he was nabbed in France. However, Norwegian police have not declared anything publically as yet.

Apparently, the murder is supposed to have a connection with a cash-for-bitcoin exchange which Paltto finished shortly before the incident. It is speculated that he had made hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits. He was keeping the traded funds in his residence, as part of his plans to acquire an apartment.

The police have figured out that Lindén has a track record of crimes like theft and drug abuse, and has also allegedly robbed at knife-point not far from the scene of this murder.

In this case, the police are inclined to think that Paltto might have just been a random victim.

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