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“Coinbase Earn,” an educational program for crypto users to learn beyond Bitcoin

Coinbase, America’s leading crypto wallet provider and exchange service introduced an educational project named “Coinbase Earn” to enable the crypto users to earn and learn about crypto assets.

Coinbase commenced this project by an invite-only mode, initially focussing on one digital asset, the ERC-20 token 0x. According to the official post, this program aims to empower the users to comprehend the asset’s value and its principal technology in detail. Users can try out the assets while understanding it as well.

Coinbase conducted an extensive survey among its consumers and the general public and concluded that lack of knowledge about the digital assets is the major hindrance preventing people from exploring them. There are many crypto assets other than bitcoin, but people are not aware of them.

People who were interviewed communicated a desire to understand new and distinctive digital assets beyond Bitcoin. According to Coinbase, bridging the knowledge gap can advance crypto education and widen market participation. It is valuable for users as they will earn some crypto assets as they complete educational tasks and collect knowledge.

Traditionally, users used to obtain these assets either through purchases or mining. Unlike other types of markets, this new educational system do not require any upfront buying power or computing power

0x external development pool is funding for the first iteration of the process. Coinbase will experiment with other educational tasks devised by other parties in the future as well. ZRX has been listed on Coinbase’s professional trading platform, Coinbase Pro, as of mid-October.

Binance, rival crypto exchange of Coinbase, also launched a compilation of educational content containing approx. 500 articles to provide “unbiased” info about blockchain and crypto.

ConsenSys, a blockchain incubator, and start-up founded by Joseph Lubin (co-founder of Ethereum) collaborated with Coursera (online education platform) to provide blockchain education.

Across the globe, many countries like the U.S, China are devising educational initiatives for investment protection and better information for participants.

A group of Oxford University professors developed the plans to not only educate the community about blockchain but to it employ the technology in higher education institutions.

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