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Ripple Announces a Partnership with Software Developer Finastra

Ripple, the cryptocurrency startup, and Finastra, which is among the largest software developers for financial companies, have agreed to move on in a partnership agreement, as per reports. In an official press release, a spokesperson on behalf of Ripple commented, “Ripple and Finastra have teamed up to offer Ripple’s blockchain technology through Finastra’s payments solutions to support fast cross-border payments.”

As part of the partnership deal, RippleNet that connects around 200 institutions all across the world, will now be accessible for Finastra customers as well. This will give the Finastra customers liberty to send international payments with end-to-end tracking options related to fees and delivery statuses.

XRP/USD bulls have resumed this move within the upward trend in the chart, As per XRP News. As such, at the time of signing the partnership deal by both the companies, XRP/USD was changing hands at $0.2940, which showed notable growth. The XRP bulls managed to recover the price over the critical point of $0.2900, thereby bringing down the psychological point at $0.300 back to focus.

The most interesting part of the chart is the perfect channel formation. The psychological point of $0.300 on the upside part of the chart is the key point of resistance, but due to the weak crypto sentiment prevailing now, it is challenging to see the high probability of the test.

It is the blockchain technology of Ripple that helps to overcome all the bottlenecks that are still prevalent in the international payments settlements. At the same time, the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, talks about his concern about how the US government is going to regulate cryptocurrencies.

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