Ethereum Classic Hacker Steals 54,200 ETC from Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange revealed that it had lost around $220,000 value of Ethereum Classic coins-approximately 40,000 ETC-throughout the continuing exploitation of the scheme’s blockchain system.

The exchange revealed Tuesday that the Ethereum Classic blockchain underwent 51% attack-wherein a sole unit takes charge of beyond than half the system’s hash control that enables it to redraft its business records in addition to double-spend coins. It also recognized a total of three accounts concerning the attackers.

“It took place around 0:40 am of Jan.7, 2019 and Jan 4:20 pm Jan.7, 2019 UTC which lasted for around 4 hours,” as per a blog published by “Each of the business operations has been confirmed in general on the ETC blockchain and turned out to be illogical after the blockchain rollback.”

At the time of transfers, the ETC/USD rate was fluctuating between $4.90 and $5.25, as per the facts existing on

“’s censor effectively stopped attacker’s business operations at the initial levels and put them forward to the manual examination,” clarified “Unluckily, all through the 51% attack, every single one the operations seemed legitimate and confirmed fittingly on the blockchain. The examiner approved the business operations. It enabled around 40k ETC failure as a result of this attack. is going to obtain all the loss for the users.”

$1 Million stealing accounted :

Coinbase, the US crypto exchange which initially brings in the 51% attack previous to the press, exposed the fact that that the attackers have been continuously over-utilizing the Ethereum Classic system and had stolen 219,500 ETC coins of value comprising more than a million dollars. Blocks count which is an Ethereum Classic blockchain surveyor accounted reorganized attacks amid block numbers 7261495 and 7261496. According to their data, an operation having 26,000 ETC have been initially spent at the time of removal of block number 7261492; this same operational activity was once more notified on block number 7261497.

Nearly every exchange has stopped their ETC deposits along with withdrawals however not any of them apart from have accounted for any failures or losses. The current state of affairs shows the way to a situation wherein attackers possess the total stolen ETC without any alternatives to liquidate them for fiat. If at all possible, it is supposed to direct to a flat cost action previous to the Ethereum Classic group that appears with a way out to completely abolish the attack.

Ethereum Classic Answers:

Ethereum Classic founder Donald McIntyre confessed that they have been coming across at a textbook 51% as well as double spend attack-a belief which has been disproved by Cody Burns, one more associate ETCco-founder, who supposed that there was further space left for exploration.

“To cut things short, we are formulating no effort to cover up current actions,” the team affirmed in an official answer. “Details are details, and as the current state of affairs builds up, we’ll shortly obtain a total depiction of what has happened in reality. Linzhi is trying ASICS. Coinbase accounted for double spends; each of them might be right.”

The group then lifted its deterrence strategies using requesting exchanges to supplement their block authentication time.

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