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Microsoft Outlook Hackers Access Victims Email Accounts to Steal Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency theft is growing, and in recent time various incidence has occurred. A month ago, crypto-jackers hacked the Microsoft Outlook users accounts, the aim of attacking was to steal the cryptocurrency mostly Bitcoin (BTC). Several Microsoft Outlook accounts were accessed by attackers to steal the world’s popular cryptocurrency BTC.

The cyber forensic expert reported that a group of crypto-jackers have infiltrated few email accounts of Microsoft Outlook and tried not only to steal bitcoin but also to steal other digital assets. The amount of hackers earned remains unknown. However, it is estimated that the stolen amount could be relatively less.

This Outlook hacking incidence was brought to light by a Dutch engineer, victim, Jevon Ritmeester. According to Jevon, the crypto-hackers tried to gain access to the login credentials of Microsoft customer support employee and were successful in doing so.  The crypto-hackers then utilized this information to enter into the Microsoft Outlook emails of Ritmeester so as to reset password and stole the bitcoin from his cryptocurrency exchange wallets.

Ritmeester says hacker stole 1 bitcoin (approx. $5,000, may vary) from his crypto wallet, source reports. There are other similar kinds of incidence noticed by Microsoft Outlook users and have started coming forwards.

Microsoft’s reaction to this incidence is not acceptable to Ritmeester; he was very upset over Microsoft. Jevon Ritmeester quoted:

“The hackers also had access to my inbox allowing them to password reset my account and withdrawal [sic] my Bitcoin.”

The crypto-hackers gained access to Microsoft customer support services, further allowed them to gain unauthorized access to Microsoft owned non-corporate email accounts such as Outlook, MSN and Hotmail. Microsoft, the giant technology company, revealed the data beach to a source.

Over the Tweakers forum, Ritmeester mentioned that he visited Kraken exchange and found that his password was not working, later he reviewed his Microsoft Outlook emails and observed that numerous notification was received for changed login. He even noticed that someone had altered the settings, had enabled Outlook to move email of Kraken automatically to trash or forward Kraken messages to Gmail account, the crypto-hackers controlled the Gmail account. The hackers had scanned several emails, had changed the password and even stole Bitcoin addresses of various crypto exchanges.

Another Reddit user Shinratechlabs has even claimed of losing cryptocurrency worth of more than $25000 USD after their Microsoft service data was risked.  The user mentioned,

“Hackers didn’t even have to steal my credential; they just gained access to the content of my email by making a password reset request.”

Reddit user did not offer more details over the incidence but said it was so easy for the crypt-hackers to gain control of his Microsoft user account, through illegal means.

Meanwhile, the victims blamed Mircosoft Outlook for hiding their security incident, although the incidence was reported by cyber forensic course specialist, a few weeks ago.

When Outlook was contacted over the issue by a source, Microsoft alleged that only the email metadata and customer data was attacked like subject lines and email addresses names, most of those the user communicated with. When Microsoft was provided with proofs that even user’s email information was at risks, Microsoft changed its stand and forwarded data breach notifications emails to all victims.

Jevon Ritmeester plans to register a case and is even planning to hold Microsoft Outlook responsible for the financial loss he suffered and break off his privacy data due to Microsoft negligence.

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