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Clouds of Uncertainty Hovering on the Future of Ohio Bitcoin Program

Ohio’s efforts to permit cryptocurrency in some specific tax payments appear to be uncertain soon after the leading lawyer of the state discovered a Bitcoin program unlawfully. Earlier, the Bitcoin program was introduced by the former State Treasurer.

The top lawyer is Republican Attorney General Dave Yost, and he came to know that the ex-Treasurer Josh Mandel ignored the state law when he started the website earlier last year for the purpose of business tax payments.

As per Yost’s legal viewpoint published on November 5, 2019, it was discovered that Atlanta-oriented BitPay, the state’s 3rd party processor, was operating as a financial transaction device. It implied a modest selection procedure along with the sign-off of the state Board of Deposit that was needed to recruit them. Messages asking for comment were left with BitPay and Josh Mandel.

Another fellow Republican and Treasurer Robert Sprague took over from Josh Mandel this year in January.  Robert immediately closed down the website last month soon after an inside review raised concerns.

The deposit board, which Robert presides over, asked for Yost’s viewpoint at the same time and now has the control to take a decision on how to proceed ahead.

Sprague emphasized that it is of paramount importance to discover innovative latest technologies. However, he also stressed that they must be formed in agreement with Ohio law.

Bitcoin can be defined as a type of digital cash obtained via encryption technology. The currency has managed to excite as well as worry consumers, countries’ governments, and economists all across the globe. Cryptocurrency does not exist in the form of physical bills or coins but as lines of digitally signed computer code. It has emerged quite convenient to use, and you may not always find it easy to monitor, control, and secure. The records are generally maintained on ledgers popularly known as blockchain.

According to Dave O’Neil, the spokesperson of Yost’s Office, the viewpoint on was advisory in nature. And, therefore, it may not suitable to recommend it to law enforcement despite the discovery of legal violations.

Mandel announced the program earlier in November 2018 just prior to the exiting office. He alleged during that time that Ohio became the first state to accept tax payments through cryptocurrency, and it may prove helpful for the state to emerge as the leader in accepting blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, Ohio’s program failed to send Bitcoin faucet to the state treasury and instead recruited BitPay to transform the cryptocurrency payments into American’s currency.

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