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Flexa to Offer its Crypto Payments Service to Canada for the First Time; Collaborates with Coinsquare Crypto Exchange Firm

Flexa is expanding its crypto payments services outside the US for the first time, launches the crypto service in Canada. The crypto payments service of Flexa will be offered to the citizens of the Great White North, from Vancouver to St. John’s and from Yukon to Nova Scotia. This is considered as one of the most crucial developments of Flexa, official blog post mentions.

Back in May 2019, Flexa revealed about the release of its crypto wallet across the US, launched the SPEDN application for iOS users. Later it launched its beta app for Android users over Play Store. However, the Canadian expansion plan was announced on an official web-blog post on August 13.

In a short time, Flexa increased its merchant network, strengthened its partnership with crypto exchange Gemini by launching support for Litecoin and Zcash, as per official blog post.

Nearly, after three months of its SPEDN app launch in the US, it has made another important development and happy to announce that it is expanding its service to the Canadian market.

The crypto payments service of Flexa will be available across Canada in two ways, namely

  1. Initially, the existing network of Flexa will be opened to Canadian people; they can experience the service for the first time by downloading Flexa’s SPEND app from Google Play or the App Store. They can also visit SPEDN Shop at Blockchain Futurist Conference, Toronto from August 14.
  2. The instant crypto payments service will be available online across more than 7,500 dealer’s location by September 2019, in Canada.

Apart from this, Canadian users of Flexa can invest freely over the network, when they visit the US service has already started on Tuesday. Similarly, US citizens can spend their digital currency in Canada without worrying about foreign exchange charges or conversion charges, blog post mentions.

With all deposits custodied and entirely insured by Gemini, makes the SPEDN app as one of the simplest and secure techniques to use their digital currency.

Flexa partners with Coinsquare

In order to bring the Flexa service to Canada, the company has collaborated with Canadian based largest cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare. It is headquartered in Toronto and worked for numerous years to develop innovative exchange operations within the industry.

Flexa stated in the blog post that, they are delighted to work with Coinsquare team so as to provide its crypto payments service for merchants across Canada, further look-ahead to strengthen its relationship with Coinsquare.

Cofounder of Flexa, Tyler Spalding told a source that the company seeks to launch its services in a few more nations by 2019 and did not reveal the locations.

Launching of more coins is also in progress.

Spalding further mentioned,

Regarding the market, we anticipate considerable growth of ‘spendable cryptocurrencies’ like stable coins and loyalty coins over the next year that will drive consumer demand for spending. We are working with multiple projects and intend to launch many new coins on the network shortly. For now, we’ve been really impressed with the current communities and their repeated use of the SPEDN app, particularly Litecoin.

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