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Coinitix – The Ultimate Destination for Smarter Bitcoin Purchase

In this era of digitization, where the global economy moves towards a digital eco-system starting from investments to bank transfers, the transactions need to be faster, secure, and free from the escalating transaction fees. To fuel this global economic development, the digital payment sector has brought in a new promising addition- cryptocurrencies that are disrupting traditional exchange mediums like the US dollar or Euro.

Bitcoin is amongst the most popular cryptocurrencies that have attracted investors’ attention since its start in 2008. Bitcoin investments have been high for quite sometimes due to easy accessibility, security, instant settlements, fewer transaction fees, etc.

Various ways to buy Bitcoin

There are various ways in which Bitcoins can be purchased; it can be purchased by debit cards, credit cards, cash, or bank transfers. It can be acquired from a Bitcoin ATM, or it can also be converted online from various other mediums of exchange, e.g., PayPal.

    1. Cryptocurrency exchanges – this is the best way to buy bitcoins, by opening a digital wallet with any large cryptocurrency exchanges. The first step to purchasing bitcoins from a cryptocurrency exchange is downloading a bitcoin wallet wherein the bitcoins purchased will be stored for future trading. The next step is to register the digital wallets with the US SEC by providing documents like a driver’s license or SSN (Social Security Number). Then the users need to find a suitable bitcoin exchange wherein they can buy or sell bitcoins. Once users have registered their bitcoin wallets, they can use any traditional payment methods like credit cards, bank transfers (ACH), or debit cards to buy bitcoins on any bitcoin exchange. The bitcoins purchased are then transferred to the wallet address of the users.  Users can buy or sell bitcoins from the digital wallet, and for this, they need to click either of the 2-tab options, “Buy” or “Sell.”
    2. Bitcoin ATMs – local bitcoin ATMs allow users to purchase bitcoins with cash. For this also, the users first need to install a digital wallet to transfer the coins to their preferred bitcoin wallet.
    3. Voucher Cardscrypto voucher cards look like any other gift cards that can be redeemed online. Bitcoin voucher cards are available at any local store in your area. Voucher cards are suitable for making small purchases.
    4. Buy Bitcoins personallythis is the last option to buy bitcoins wherein people holding coins can sell them to others who are looking for a purchase.

Why buy Bitcoin with a credit card?

Buying cryptocurrencies using credit cards is much safer than using any other modes of payment. This is because buying bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies with credit cards provides for instant settlements. Therefore, with the faster transaction speed, the hackers do not get time to plan any misdeeds.

Coinitix platform Overview

Coinitix is a safe cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to purchase bitcoins in a hassle-free way with the best conversion rates and faster payouts.

How does Coinitix help in buying Bitcoin?

Coinitix offers the following benefits to the crypto users who buy bitcoins from this exchange.

  1. Faster payouts – users buying bitcoins from the Coinitix crypto platform are no longer required to wait for payouts. No bank transfers can happen at such a faster pace, and therefore, Coinitix has become the investor’s favorite crypto market to buy crypto assets, especially bitcoins.
  2. Fast verification process – as a common procedure, every transaction for the crypto purchase or sell, they are recorded on the blockchain as blocks after the users’ documents verify them. The verification process at Coinitix is also fast and therefore allows users to make deposits or even withdraw coins much faster.
  3. No hidden costs – there are no transaction fees charged on this exchange as also there are no hidden costs associated with the Coinitix cryptocurrency exchange. Everything is very transparent, and therefore, users find it very convenient to buy or sell bitcoins through this exchange.
  4. Robust customer support – there is a dedicated, multilingual customer support team that is available 24/7. Any queries raised by the users get instantly solved by the professionals.

Therefore, with cryptocurrencies, your money is always yours, and it is the only medium wherein the users hold their accounts themselves without relying on any financial institutions like banks for holding or for transferring it.

Dorothy Willson
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