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UCOT Increases the influence of Blockchain technology in multiple industries

UCOT, a digitized supply chain ecosystem, is exploring the market to find blockchain solutions for various industries. It also aims to deepen the impact of blockchain on multiple industries. Blockchain is known to have the technical characteristics of being tamper-proof, anti-counterfeiting, and traceability, which are so essential to find out solutions for problems about equipment management, data sharing, and assurance of security in many industries. It is also useful for bringing about a reduction in cost, increasing the efficiency in production, also improving the supply chain coordination. Presently, the products of UCOT have been successfully applied in the tracking of medicines, smart agriculture, and cold chain logistics.

UCOT is now in talks with a world-famous tech company, Serole Technologies, as the latter is excited about the UCOT’s blockchain technology products. The two companies had a detailed discussion on the possibility of co-operation in the future. As per reports, UCOT applies its technology to a renowned milk powder company in China. Each milk powder can have a QR code-based anti-counterfeiting traceability label that will have links to purchase and important information about the product. The blockchain will also lock the date of production of the milk and the location of production. Multiple data that are immune to counterfeiting are used to prove the authenticity of the milk powder. It ensures maximum protection of the corporate brand and also consumer safety.

UCOT also assists the UPcare Group of Australia with state-of-the-art blockchain traceability technology. It provides anti-counterfeiting traceability labels for UPplus, which is a spray product having bactericidal effects. UPcare, the first blockchain medical product in Australia, has been sold online. UCOT plans to increase the application of blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry in the future. It intends to provide hospitals with more efficient blockchain technology support. UCOT is very interested in opening up the Chinese market for high-quality Australian dairy products and hopes to bring quality milk powder to the consumers in the Chinese market

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