The hype of investors in the US for the Crypto major Bitcoin

The Blockchain industry has enticed everyone ranging from investors to corporate to advisers that advice the completely new concept has existed that adds value. However, as per the valid source of the USA’s renowned Index – Wells Fargo Gallup Investor and Retirement Optimism only 2 percent of Americans own Bitcoin. The poll is conducted on US adults that have exposure of at least $10,000 and above investment in their portfolio in a variety of investment class ranging from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.  As compared to adult investors, the young investors are more inclined to add crypto major Bitcoin in their portfolio as mainstream. The survey – Investor and Retirement Optimism Index was organized by Gallup Investor poll in the month of May 2018 were approximately 1921 American investors took part. The Bitcoin has been proved to be the leading form of digital cryptocurrency that has seen many ups and downs ranging from price crash, soar, rise in the past year, however, eventually it has created the forward movement for the US investors.

As per the Wells Fargo/Gallup Poll, the excerpts from the report as follows:

“Just 2% of investors say they currently own Bitcoin, and less than 1% plan to buy it in the near future. While most investors say they have no interest in ever buying Bitcoin, about one in four (26%) say they are intrigued by it but won’t be buying it anytime soon”.

Based on the analytics of the report, 75 percent of investors refer to cryptocurrencies as a risky one, on the contrary, 23 percent investors found the cryptocurrencies as somewhat risky, whereas 2 percent amongst all the investors said that the investment in cryptocurrency is not too risky. Only 0.5 percent of investors have stated their interest in investment in cryptocurrencies is not risky at all. When it comes to investment in digital currency like cryptocurrencies, the most US investors prefer the cryptocurrencies as security over growth while playing the safest investment with them.

If we focus more on research report conducted by Wells Fargo, three out of ten investors know about blockchain industry and cryptocurrency, whereas 67 percent are still to learn about the concept. At last 5 percent are all those people that have not heard anything about cryptocurrencies.

Now that the Cryptocurrencies has started gaining the attraction of investors from all over the world, the best part of the scenario is how it plays a vital role in investors’ portfolio planning process in the US and rest of the countries going forward!!



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