Cryptocurrency Mining Apps Warns from Google

The global search engine driver – Google has redefined its Play Store policies especially for mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum following the same step, was taken by Apple that updated its policies pertaining to App Store Review Guidelines by introducing the new section restricting of cryptocurrency mining apps.


Google’s step towards updating Play Store policies & guidelines has been very clear when it comes to using apps that handle Cryptocurrencies and related transaction. However, the restricted policy in place by Google, it is also allowing apps which remotely manage the mining of digital currencies.


The Google steps remarkably the same what Apple did in its guidelines. The excerpt from the Apple’s Guidelines as follows:


“Mining is performed in the cloud or otherwise off-device”.


Google reviewed all those apps that have proved to be offensive material in themselves. It restricted all those apps that are believed to be in the line of violence, self-harm, hate speech among others.

The Android technology platform having around two billion monthly users in the first half of 2018, whereas Google’s Play Store has seen more than 35 billion apps downloaded. However, there are a variety of apps on Google Play Store that uses smartphones processing power to mine and transact cryptocurrencies. The more critical is the Cryptojacking that affect several apps today especially when scammers insert the mining software into other apps.


No matter which technology you use, Google is always inclined towards the best control system in place that allows users to be with it for a longer period of time!!


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