The Recent Ranking for Crypto Currency by China led CCID Research Institute!!  

The major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, EOS, Nabulas  have been ranked closely each other with Ethereum and Nabulas follows EOS that received the top rank for the second time while the rating done by China’s CCID Research Institute. As per the CCID study, the EOS has been the mainstream amongst all the cryptocurrencies in Blockchain industry.


When we talk about the research institute – CCID which is backed by the Chinese government that carries out its assessment regarding Global Public Chain Technology. The excerpts (through the translation into English) from the CCID’s website as follows:


“The global public chain technology assessment work was organized and implemented by the CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute. It was jointly carried out by a number of units including the CCID Think Tank under the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute and the China Software Testing Center. The purpose is to scientifically assess the development level of global public chain technology.”                                                                                                                   

The recent ranking done by the CCID as on 17th May 2018, the major cryptocurrencies ranked in chronological orders are EOS is followed by Ethereum, Nebulas, GXChain, NEOStellarSteemLiskWavesKomodoBitSharesDASHRippleIOTAArk, etc.

The project at CCID was bifurcated into three categories ranging from technology to application to innovation. Let us discuss about the three prominent cryptocurrency that have priority over the entire ranking as follows:


EOS has seen many setbacks just in the past month. However, this crypto has reflected its impression through a variety of consensus algorithm by using a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) that has acquired priority over the scale and speed at the expense of some decentralization.


Now at the second rank, Ethereum that uses a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm. However, just recently this crypto has executed its roadmap to transition to PoS. The developers of Ethereum are constantly working to resolve the project’s scalability issue.


The third one crypto Nebulas that was founded in Singapore in 2017 by Nebulas IO Foundation ranked sixth on the previous rankings, however, in 2018 it has got rank third. The enthusiasts of Nebulas call the project the new “Google for Blockchain”.  It contains a variety of projects like a search engine and upgradeable smart contract capabilities. The major difference between the Google and Nebulas is Google is inclined to day-to-day searches, on the contrary Nebulas focuses specifically on searches throughout decentralized applications, users’ blockchain assets as well as smart contracts.

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