East African Island’s inclination towards the Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain technology has become a hallmark for the industry globally.  A recent scenario reminisces about how blockchain technology adds value to the East African island nation’s state-owned company State Informatics Limited (SIL) by helping them digitize its government and financial services operations. Besides this, a variety of industry like, educational institutions, utilities and transport, port operations are among the industries that have started gaining the value of Blockchain technology.

As per the valid source of South Korean media – Digital Daily, State Informatics Ltd. is more inclined to utilize blockchain technology assisted by Locus Chain Foundation which is one of the renowned South Korean companies. It is also said that a South Korean blockchain company has executed a deal that is expected to offer fintech solutions to the government of Mauritius.

If we talk about the company, State Informatics Ltd may extensively utilize the blockchain platform as the company has already started implementing digitized solutions for government bodies in Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Botswana.

On the other hand Locus China that assists companies that would like to use blockchain technology has been active in Mauritius since early this year. Just a last month the company signed a technology cooperation agreement with the Mauritius government to allow for the new generation application called ‘Blockchain Technology”. The technology adds value by streamlining end-to-end transactions in seconds.

As per the most valid source, Locus Chain announced the agreement that it has executed with the Tunisia Economic City which is a joint project worth of USD 50 Billion with Saudi Arabian and Tunisian that will be the biggest smart city in the Mediterranean region that covers 90 square kilometers. Accordingly Locus Chain, the blockchain technology will be used in the city construction project and its products will be used as a base technology with settlement currency for a variety of industries like communication, shopping, finance, medical, etc.


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