Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (BETF) has started its journey finally

Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (BETF) has finally begun its journey. As a publicly-traded instrument, the BETF will impact positively not only as it comes with crypto leader ‘Bitcoin’ but also it will initiate the flow of capital from accredited investors to retail traders especially in the US public market. Needless to say that BETF will prove to be the responsible one that protects the capital provided by investors.

The major benefits of Bitcoin led ETF are tremendous. Because all those investors who were not inclined to park their capital with Crypto Currency market (just because of complexities involved on the legality perspectives) are better off to invest into  Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (BETF). Besides this, BETF allows investors to acquire BTC to their portfolio when it comes to doing retirement planning.  The major applause that comes from analysts, investors, consultants from the capital markets as well as crypto-currency markets towards the arrival of Bitcoin led ETF.

But because the new concept has been introduced to the market, the BETF is expected to begin a journey next year in 2019. Having considered the relevance of BETF in the US public market, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) (a one of the world’s biggest options exchanges with CME Group) has already filed the application for Bitcoin ETF with the SEC to introduce BETF to the capital market in the USA. Let’s not forget that earlier the US SEC rejected the BTC ETF having said that there were no proper regulatory frameworks around the cryptocurrency exchanges and no monitoring system organized by any financial institution as to how the crypto markets traded. However, the improvements have been seen over the last 12 months in cryptocurrency have led Chicago Board Options Exchange to analyze the positive impact of its BTC future market on the cryptocurrency sector globally.

Even though investors are skeptical for a Bitcoin led ETF until the end of 2018, the most likely result of the approval BTC ETF for CBOE is expected because of the strong efforts done by the Gemini, SolidX and Winklevoss twins.

Let’s hope for the best for the upcoming trading with Bitcoin ETF!!

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